skip to Main Content’s Green Belt Training is the most practical, easy to understand and cost effective way to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma. Globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Certification is finally within your reach!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification Summary

  • Extensive body of knowledge that will empower you to instantly improve processes
  • Fully online and self-paced
  • 1 year of access
  • Immediate issue of Certificate
  • Globally recognized

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Cost Comparison

Online Green Belt Provider Training Time Cost of Training Cost of Certification Total Cost 32 hours $399 Included $399
ASQ 64 hours $2,095 $438 $2,533
Villanova University 8 weeks $2,495 Included $2,495
MoreSteam 80 hours $1,900 $450 $2,350
Pyzdek Institute 100 hours $2,100 Included $2,100
Acuity Institute 105 hours $995 Included $995
New Horizons 32 hours $2,796 Included $2,796

Based on data collected 3/2019

The Best Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Available


We save you time and money with our optimized training by teaching you only what’s valuable, allowing us to provide you with the highest quality at the most affordable price.


Our lively, colorful, interactive environment makes learning fun, keeps you engaged and helps you retain knowledge more effectively. Learning doesn’t need to be a bore. We bring learning to life.


A friendly, knowledgable, responsive support team is available to you online, 24 hours a day. We’re all you’ll need to become a Certified Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt!

Who Benefits From Lean Six Sigma? -

Training Tailored Just for You

Our training is for anyone from the challenge-seeking high school student to the experienced business professional.

We want to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible, so all of our training courses are easy to understand and fun – ensuring you retain and are able to apply what you learn. But don’t take our word for it! Check out our Yellow Belt Training (FREE) and find out for yourself.

Optimized Green Belt Training – Only 32 hours!

Why does’s Green Belt Training only take 32 hours (4 days) to complete? We’re all about saving you time. To do this, we’ve reduced the amount of time it takes to complete our training while still covering a comprehensive body of knowledge. How?

  • Amazing Content. Because our training is expertly developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants and trainers who actively teach these concepts and tools in virtually every industry, we’ve been able to effectively streamline our training to focus on the most valuable concepts and tools, and spend less time on the concepts and tools that aren’t as valuable.
  • An Highly Engaging Learning Environment. Our immersive learning experience enables you to learn information more quickly and effectively, reducing the amount of time required to complete Green Belt Training, while still covering a comprehensive body of knowledge.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification -

Learn more and register for the best Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification today!

Green Belt Online Training -

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Average rating:  
 3665 reviews
Dec 2, 2023
 by Crystal on

Truly enjoyed the content and the structure. I will recommend to others I know who are looking to gain certification.

Danielle Covington
Nov 30, 2023
 by Danielle Covington on

Excellent course. Very engaging with helpful resources.

Thiago Da Costa Novo
Nov 28, 2023
 by Thiago Da Costa Novo on

The course is easy to follow and great as far as the dynamics go. The tests after each segment make it easier to get through but still challenging. I'd recommend this business.

Alexis Goble
Nov 27, 2023
 by Alexis Goble on

Great Training. So much information given to you and the examples helped explain in more detail what they were talking about.

Nov 26, 2023
 by Stephanie on

Great Course!

Kendall McCray
Nov 26, 2023
 by Kendall McCray on

This course is easy to follow, yet challenging. I believe this really help me to understand how to apply the lean six sigma tools to real life.

Ashley Moore Willoughby
Nov 23, 2023
 by Ashley Moore Willoughby on

The program was great. It also allows you to work and your own pace.

Nov 22, 2023
 by Cristina on

Good course, very complete and easy to follow. My personal preference would be to have more statistics but I understand that comes in the Black Belt training. I recommend the course.

Nov 22, 2023
 by jorge. on

too long but good to learn something new.

Maidul Islam
Nov 21, 2023
 by Maidul Islam on

Well investment ! I was learned so many things.

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