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Robert Fagan, a contracting officer with the Clothing and Textiles (C&T) team, is crediting a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course for giving him the tools to complete a process improvement project for the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support.After completing the Green Belt Training & Certification, Fagan found a
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The target, within Continuous Improvement, refers to the desired value of the process characteristic being measured---"2-Day Lead Time" or "2% Defect rate". Once the baseline or "as is" process measure has been established, the goal is to reduce the gap between the basline and the target---"Reduce Lead Time from 5
Production Leveling refers to the smoothing of manufacturing production in the face of fluctuating demand. The method was developed as part of the Toyota Production System as a way to react to demand changes without overburdening production. Instead of over-producing products in batches, the method responds directly to consumer demand.