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Yokoten (aka Best Practice Sharing)

Yokoten is a Japanese term that translates to sharing improvement ideas throughout an organization. Other terms include "Transfer Opportunities" and "Best Practice Sharing" although Yokoten includes sharing the failures as well. The idea is that it's not enough to improve a process. It's important to let others know what you've…

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Kamishibai Boards (aka Leader Task Boards)

Kamishibai Board is Japanese for "Storyboard." Kamishibai Boards were developed within the Toyota Production System (TPS) as a visual audit a system to ensure the process was being properly followed. Cards are placed on the board and randomly selected based on a management timetable. By seeing the "story" of the…

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Heijunka (Production Leveling)

Heijunka is a Japanese term that means "levelling" and refers to the smoothing of manufacturing production in the face of fluctuating demand. The method was developed as part of the Toyota Production System as a way to react to demand changes without overburdening production. Instead of over-producing products in batches,…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Henry Ford -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Henry Ford

Did you know that the secret behind “any color as long as it’s black” was that Henry Ford figured out black paint dried faster? Did you know that Kingsford Charcoal originated from when Ford burned the pallets transporting his raw materials? Did you know he identified 2 of the eventual…

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Event: AME Chicago 2019 International Conference -

Event: AME Chicago 2019 International Conference

Top 5 Reasons to Attend AME Chicago 2019 With an amazing schedule of continuous improvement learning activities on deck, here are the top 5 reasons to attend AME Chicago 2019: 1. Networking AME Chicago 2019 is the world’s largest lean conference. You’ll meet others who are passionate about sharing solutions…

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