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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a method of tracking the customer experience that includes not just their interactions with an organization, but their reactions and feelings throughout the process. The idea is to "walk in the customer's shoes" in order to fully understand how the organization is perceived and use that…

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5 Awesome Lean Six Sigma Projects -

5 Awesome Lean Six Sigma Projects learners deliver results! Here are 5 awesome Lean Six Sigma projects that they've completed. The City of San Antonio Improves Pothole Repair Problem by 480% With Jessica Shirley-Saenz LA County Reduces Payment Processing Errors by 88% With Alex Ogunji King County Reduces Lead Time by 54% With Eunjoo Greenhouse…

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Wonder Women of Quality: Hollie Jensen

They're delivering a one-two punch to defects. They're ridding the earth of process waste. They're on the front lines delivering customer service perfection. They're in leadership striving to make a difference in the world. They're kicking process improvement butt! The Wonder Women of Quality are here! This month in the…

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Grand Daddt of Quality - John Shook -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: John Shook

He’s in Lean. He’s all Shook up! Musical puns aside, John Shook recently did a good job of connecting Lean to Baseball which ties together two of America’s favorite past times. Okay, Lean my not have risen to “favorite” yet, but John Shook is working on it! We don’t actually…

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We're thrilled to announce that (The Ventus Network LLC) has made the Inc. 5000! We ranked 2,042 with a 3-year growth of 197%. The Inc. 5000 represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza,…

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Yokoten (aka Best Practice Sharing)

Yokoten is a Japanese term that translates to sharing improvement ideas throughout an organization. Other terms include "Transfer Opportunities" and "Best Practice Sharing" although Yokoten includes sharing the failures as well. The idea is that it's not enough to improve a process. It's important to let others know what you've…

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