Why Organizations Should Invest in Their Employees With’s Training & Certification

Why Organizations Should Invest In Their Employees With GoLeanSixSigma's Training and Certification -

Finding and selecting the right Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification for your teams can be a challenge. (We know, we’ve been in your position!) With more options becoming available, how do you make sure you’re investing in employee development that will add value to you and your organization?

Although your search may become confusing and overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. At, we’ve made it our mission to help make process improvement easier for you and your teams. We understand your concerns and have developed the highest quality, most practical and accessible Lean Six Sigma courses available to address all of your needs. We even offer the complimentary features including:

  • Our easy to use Learning Management System that makes it easy for you to track and expedite the progress of your team’s learning
  • Our Group Discounts that make Lean Six Sigma more accessible than ever
  • Our exceptional Full-Service Administration that enables you to focus on process improvement instead of dealing with technology

Although you may get push-back from management on your request to have your organization fund your team’s Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification, there are many compelling reasons why it may benefit them. Below are a few reasons that may help you build your case and move your process improvement efforts along more efficiently and effectively.’s Courses Build Momentum Towards a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Management may ask, “What’s the value in paying for White Belt or Yellow Belt Certification when the Training portion is free?” Some compelling reasons to register for Certification are that:

  1. Funding Certification for employees conveys that the organization values their people and is willing to invest in their personal/professional development
  2. Certification provides tangibility of an accomplishment which improves morale and builds momentum towards creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement and problem solvers
  3. Certification qualifies people’s/employees’ knowledge of concepts and tools to develop a standardized foundation where everyone is “speaking the same language” and “seeing waste/processes with new eyes”
  4. Certification provides PDUs and CEUs

High Quality, Integrated Resources – For Free!

To support your team’s process improvement efforts and make Lean Six Sigma as accessible as possible, offers the following tightly integrated resources at no additional cost to your Training & Certification fee.

When registering for advanced courses (like Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean) we provide learners with:

  • A convenient zip file with over 60 of our high quality tools and templates
  • Printable, high resolution glossaries
  • Application guides like our Go-Getter’s Guide to DMAIC and Go-Getter’s Guide to Coaching DMAIC

These resources are also available for purchase à la carte in our store if you’d like access without registering for our more advanced courses.

Why Choose vs. Companies With Cheaper or More Expensive Offerings?

It’s often said that “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes, this is the case, but with, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and approach of our offerings. We’ve designed our courses to be the highest quality, most practical and accessible Lean Six Sigma courses available and we stand apart from other providers for the following reasons:

  1. Our courses are developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants, trainers and coaches who have helped organizations like Amazon, Charles Schwab, BP, Starwood Hotels & Resorts – and other leading organizations – save hundreds of millions of dollars with Lean Six Sigma. They’re in the field applying Lean Six Sigma every day so you’ll learn the latest, most relevant application techniques.
  2. Our teaching approach focuses on practical application, not simply “knowing about the concepts and tools” – so our learners are able to begin applying Lean Six Sigma right away.
  3. Our courses are easy to use and enjoyable, making learning much more effective. You can be certain that what you’ll learn through training at is greater than that of other providers. We always encourage our learners to do their research and get a hands-on on Lean Six Sigma courses their interested in to ensure they experience first-hand what the courses are like.
  4. We update our courses regularly (every year) to ensure you’re gaining skills that are applicable in today’s increasingly competitive business environments.
  5. Our Experts are available to answer course related questions by simply emailing [email protected] or general Lean Six Sigma related questions in our Ask An Expert section.
  6. We even offer more comprehensive support for learners interested in project support with our 1-on-1 Project Coaching.

To make your search even easier, we’ve compared the costs of other globally recognized Green Belt training providers for you here and created a Course Outlines & Comparisons PDF which provides a bird’s eye view of our offering here.

If you have questions or would like additional support, please contact us. We’d love to help!

GLSS is the leading provider of Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification. Our integrated Project-Based Learning approach helps everyone complete Lean Six Sigma projects 3x faster than outdated approaches. Partner with us to create a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

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