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I’ve Been Assigned A Project To Help Minimize The Number Of Damaged Products That Leave The Warehouse And Get Sent For Delivery (eventually To Be Returned).  What Is Your Suggestion On How I Should Strategize And Communicate To My Manager?

I’ve been assigned a project to help minimize the number of damaged products that leave the warehouse and get sent for delivery (eventually to be returned). What is your suggestion on how I should strategize and communicate to my manager?

Q: I am a new Green Belt student who started in April 2017. I am enjoying the Introduction selection on the training. I currently work for a manufacturing company in the warehouse as a dock coordinator and I’m hoping to become a supervisor very soon. I mentioned to my supervisor…

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After Improving Several Processes For Key Executives In My Company, My Administration Has Yet To Buy Into The Value In The Work I’d Like To Perform. What Is The Best Way To Approach The Conversation To Help Move Things Forward?

After improving several processes for key executives in my company, my administration has yet to buy into the value in the work I’d like to perform. What is the best way to approach the conversation to help move things forward?

I hear you. They're busy "inspecting and fixing" 40% of the time as we see in organizations everywhere. If it's just you fixing processes, are there ways to bring others along? One powerful element is "ownership." When people feel connected to the improvement they get more engaged. This could be…

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