We’re proud to announce a new partnership with the Board of Accreditation!’s Yellow Belt and Green Belt courses are now available at The

Imagine trying to run an expanding business while not having an accurate analysis of the revenue and expenses. That’s the problem Rhea Health was facing month-to-month. An Oklahoma business started in 2006 and growing rapidly, Rhea Health provides workforce management health services to help companies promote safe, healthy, and productive work environments.
Through the use of Lean Six Sigma, King Khalid Military Hospital reduced the number of unnecessary X-Rays for head injury patients by 55%.
A Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) lab, which checks how well a patient’s lungs are working, found that its staff needed to move around too much to provide patient care.
UCSD Medical Center has a little angel in process improvement! Find out how Lily Angelocci helped save $4 million dollars for UCSD, which will help this nonprofit fund more programs for students and make a difference in healthcare.

  Cardiva Medical, a medical device company, recently announced that they have been recognized for Operational Excellence from The Shingo Institute. The Shingo Institute is

News: Ohio Board of Nursing Uses Lean Six Sigma to Cut Costs and Reduce Lead Time By implementing Lean and Six Sigma, the Ohio Board

Whether you’re just starting your Lean Six Sigma journey, or you’re in the middle of improving a process, guidance from Experts can help make your

In the wake of a recent announcement by Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS), the need for expanding and enhancing it’s telepharmacy division arises to meet the

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, California is reaching new heights as it recently became a Stage 7 facility on the Electronic

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