Prices on Courses Will Change in March 2019

Prices on Courses Will Change in March 2019 -

In March 2019, prices on the White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt Training & Certification courses will increase. We held off on this increase for quite some time, yet it’s become necessary now for a few reasons. Most notably, we’ve added:

  • New and improved templates
  • Expanded and enhanced Bahama Bistro Case Study application
  • Enhanced voice overs
  • Expanded content based on our learners’ feedback (VOC)
  • New videos and webinars
  • New and improved modules including
    • PDCA
    • Standard Work
    • Andon
    • Visual Controls
    • Kanban Boards
    • A3 application
    • and more!
  • New activities and Q&A to improve retention and recall
  • An improved overall learning experience!

Our continuously improved courses are what make our courses the highest rated in the industry, with over 4,500 reviews with an average of 5-stars!

It’s also why more than 150,000 learners and 2,000 higher education institutions in 220 countries and territories trust us for their Lean Six Sigma certifications.

Since we always have your best interest in mind, we’re letting you know about these changes now so you can lock in lower pricing.

Here’s a breakdown of course changes for your convenience.

New Prices (March 2019)

So register today for your next Lean Six Sigma Certification before the prices change.

You’ll also get an updated Certificate showcasing you’ve completed our latest course version for 2019.

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Registering a Team?

Request a free trial here. When you register at least 10 learners, you get the lower pricing until 12/31/2019 and Group Discounts.


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