With cycle times slashed by 15%, the production lines experienced a surge in volume. Overtime costs dwindled and the company fortified its position as a center of excellence in the automotive technology landscape.
The Farrington High School students' goal was to make it easier for customers to enter the festival with no setbacks or confusion about where to go. They wanted to decrease the disorganization to make the event customer traffic flow much better, with no hassle.
In the dynamic realm of banking where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, Credit Unions like Premier America distinguish themselves by considering their customers not just as clients but as valued members and co-owners.
In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, increasing productivity is an ongoing challenge. At Piston Automotive, one such challenge is increasing jobs completed per hour while minimizing barcode scan failures.
Surgical site infections (SSIs) are a serious patient risk but can be reduced with a proven pre-operative treatment. The compliance rate for providing this treatment is only 58% for pediatric patients in Intensive and Cardiac Intensive Care.

Our learners deliver results. Jeff Owens, a Black Belt and Quality Manager from Texas, reduces costs from Bent/Scratched/Damaged (BSD) scrap for building envelopes by 76%.  Jeff’s

Every 45 days the Web Development Team of The Nature Conservancy in Arlington, VA conducts a new release of their Content Management System (CMS) but that entailed 7 days of lost productivity.
Imagine receiving a letter announcing that your past-due account will be sent to collections after the fact—the collection agency is already trying to get a hold of you and your credit score has gone down. This was the case for many UC San Diego students.

LOCATION Washington INDUSTRY Government FUNCTION Operations IMPROVEMENT 30% King County Wastewater Treatment Division successfully improves the Capital Design process. Roger talks about the successful project

King County successfully creates internal partnerships to streamline procurement processes between agencies. Continuous Improvement Manager Kara Cuzzetto talks about a successful project and how Wastewater

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