Lean Six Sigma News: Back To Basics, Week Of July 13, 2015

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma success stories and news from around the web for the week of July 13, 2015.

Moss Lake Workers Honored At Meeting

Texas Optimization Program (TOP) is defined as a “voluntary, non-regulatory program designed to dramatically improve the performance of existing surface water treatment plants without major capital improvements.” The city of Gainesville is in the top four percent of water treatment plants in Texas and was one of 15 out of 385 water treatment plants in Texas to achieve recognition and an award. To achieve the designation, Six Sigma and 5S projects were successfully implemented.

Watervliet Machinists Ship Out To Fort Lee For ‘Basic’ Army Training

The Arsenal workforce has suffered nine reductions in force over the years that has reduced its workforce from about 2,500 to less than 500 workers. With the reductions, the Arsenal leadership restructured the organization significantly and reduced the number of staff divisions and training offices. Now, the Arsenal workforce is demanding a back to basics and leaner approach for basic training.

NB Power Posts Fifth Consecutive Year Of Earnings With $73 Million In 2014-15

NB Power finished fiscal 2014-15 with more than 200 fewer full-time positions than in 2010 and more than $50 million in savings has been identified since then. The Chair of NB Power’s board of directors says that the team is committed to keeping their rates the lowest in Atlantic Canada and they are going to do that by running the utility as efficiently as possible. Lean Six Sigma methodologies are helping to find an additional $10 million in savings in day-to-day operations annually.


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