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Get support from our highly experienced team of Master Black Belts with training, coaching or consulting – or – do it yourself with our Kick-off Kit. Either way, we’ll help ensure your Lean Six Sigma transformation is easier and more successful.

Do It Yourself With Our Kick-off Kit

Comfortable planning your program on your own and just need the tools to align your efforts with our online courses? Our Kick-off Kit gives you everything you need to hit the ground running.

Pave the Way for Success With Lean Six Sigma

Our onsite workshops help ensure your Lean Six Sigma journey leads to success. Your Training, Projects and Change Management efforts will be easier for you, your teams and your entire organization.

The FastPitch Workshop is a fun, effective proof-of-concept simulation that introduces Lean Six Sigma and builds excitement towards future continuous improvement.

Use it to: Quickly and effectively build buy-in and momentum for Lean Six Sigma for all levels of your organization.

The interactive Leadership Workshop focuses on helping leaders understand the needs of your teams so that they’re able to lead flexibly by applying the right balance of direction and support.

Use it to: Increase employee and leader engagement, improve productivity and create effective communication.

The Strategic Planning Workshop guides leaders through a 5-step process to create a Strategic Plan for launching and scaling a successful Lean Six Sigma culture.

Use it to: Build a solid, streamlined Lean Six Sigma effort that drives operational excellence throughout your organization.

Thanks so much for the A+++ work. The support we have received along the way and continue to receive has been nothing but the best. Our questions are always promptly answered and solutions are always provided. 

The FastPitch Workshop was phenomenal and the facilitators really knew their stuff and knew how to keep the audience’s attention. It enabled employees to understand process improvement and feel empowered and ready for their online training. 

We are very excited to continue working with for our Green and Black Belts and have full confidence that we will be supported along the way when it comes time to implement projects. Thanks again!

Rachael Roter -

Thank you for all your wonderful job during the planning of the training sessions and during the FastPitch. The way it is designed, very structured, fun and data-driven really helped our members to understand the purpose of Lean Six Sigma. I believe they learned a lot and enjoyed it.

Since the beginning I knew choosing was the best decision. I look forward to working with you again.

Testimonial: Emilia Nunez (Spirit Airlines) -

Combining the online Green Belt Training with remote coaching allowed us to target a cleanliness project in one of our buildings. The project allowed employees to better understand how their performance was being measured and, in turn, to focus on areas that had the most impact on their performance.

By the end we managed to standardize processes, reduce supply costs, and significantly improve our member experience. provided solid support and our improvement efforts are rapidly expanding. Overall amazing experience!

Train Your Teams To Solve Problems With Lean Six Sigma

Get the most practical, easy to understand and fun Lean Six Sigma courses that will empower your teams to begin improving processes immediately. Scale your training with our different belt levels or offer quick 1-hour trainings that focus on single concepts and tools.
White Bet Training & Certification -
Single Modules -

As an instructional designer with 30 years of experience in education and adult learning, this is one of the best e-learning experiences I have had the pleasure of completing.

Dave Stilchen -’s courses have put our teams on the right continuous improvement path. I had a lot of fun working on my project and their templates made the process so much easier and enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to upcoming projects.

Ken Sheriff - does a great job explaining Lean in an easy to follow format – and that’s not an easy task. It’s what got me interested in their courses. The customer service they provide have exceeded my expectations.

Scott Lamon -
Enhance Your Training With Live Facilitation

Our Flipped Classroom Facilitation makes training your teams in groups easier and more effective. Learners complete online learning modules at their own pace and then meet in between online modules for live group sessions.

  • Facilitate it yourself or get our Master Black Belts to help
  • Create dialogue between learners to enhance their learning
  • Focus on practical application and completing real projects
  • Get better improvement results – faster!
Flipped Classroom Facilitation for Green Belts -

The group facilitation was tailored to our team, using our project work for discussion and team learning. talked us through content, answered questions, posed project questions, and truly helped us to apply tools to our process improvement projects. This made the learning applicable immediately and we all got to experience process improvement in our daily work.

Jennifer Traufler -
The Problem-Solver's Toolkit -
Reference Our Courses Quickly & Easily With Our Book

The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit is a fast-and-fun reference guide (electronic and print) for the process improvement traveler. It provides basic tool sets, examples, instructions, “detours” around potential “potholes” and some sight-seeing options when you want to learn more on a given topic.

  • Draws on over 25 years of success with Lean Six Sigma
  • Focuses on 35 foundational Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Provides clear instructions, examples and best practices
  • $29 FREE! with Green Belt or Black Belt registration has done it again! After 5 years in quality improvement and 2 years of Lean Six Sigma training, I still have so much to learn. I have struggled with clearly documenting a PDCA. It was always a painful process. After reading this book and following their template, the PDCA documents seemed to flow much smoother. The graphics and examples explain simple concepts simply, all from the light-hearted angle of a road trip with friends. Reading it cover to cover can be accomplished quickly but I know I will keep coming back to reapply these tools in new ways. This book is a business staple which I use more than the stapler on my desk.

Lynne Emmons

The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit is exactly what my Green Belts need. We will always be on a process improvement journey, so how great to have a travel guide! The infographics alone are perfect teaching tools. Three cheers for Elisabeth and Tracy for providing such easy access to the building blocks of Lean Six Sigma!

Anne Colwell - Cape Cod Child Development -

I am excited to recommend this guide to students who are ready to begin their process improvement journey! Tracy O’Rourke and Elisabeth Swan have an incredible ability to translate intricate concepts into fun and relatable learning experiences. The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit allows readers to go beyond the classroom and access Lean Six Sigma concepts with engaging, smart and entertaining examples.

Angela Miller Your Partner for Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Together, We'll Build Your Organization's Problem-Solving Muscles

Learning Management System

Easily set up and track the progress of learner groups through any course.

100+ Tools & Templates

Use our supporting resources to make improvement easier for you and your teams, including a presentation on what Lean Six Sigma can do for your organization – download and share!

Group Discounts

Group Discounts

Save money when you register 5 or more learners. The more learners you register, the higher the discount.

Enterprise Custom Certificate -

Enterprise Licensing

Provide the best Lean Six Sigma Training to unlimited learners using your own Learning Management System.

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