How to Run a One-Sample Sign Test in Minitab

What’s a One-Sample Sign Test?

The One-Sample Sign Test is a hypothesis test that determines whether a statistically significant difference exists between the median of a non-normally distributed continuous data set and a standard. It provides a way to determine if there is truly a difference between the standard and a particular data set median or whether the difference is due to random chance.

An example would be testing whether a call center, that has guaranteed a median hold-time of 1 minute, is performing as promised.

Learn more about One-Sample Sign Tests in Analyze Phase, Module 4.4.2 of Black Belt Training.

How to Run a One-Sample Sign Test in Minitab

1. Select Raw Data:


2. In The Menu Click Stat > Nonparametrics > 1- Sample Sign:


3. Click on “OK”:


To learn more about One-Sample Sign Tests, register for Black Belt Training and review Analyze Phase, Module 4.4.2.


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