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Lean Six Sigma And Minitab Keeping Kids Healthy

Be happy that "Lean Six Sigma is being adopted by more and more health care practitioners, including hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians, not to mention pharmaceutical and medical device makers." To improve healthcare, we can reduce surgical wait time, see more patients quickly, reduce nurse overtime and avoid added expenses!…

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How to Create a Run Chart in Minitab

What is a Run Chart? A Run chart is a graph that displays data in sequence over time. This kind of chart can display continuous or discrete data and generally appears with a median or average line. Learn more about Run Charts in Green Belt Training. How to Create a Run Chart in Minitab Download the Run Chart Data…

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How to Create a Pareto Chart in Minitab

What's a Pareto Chart? A Pareto Chart is a quality chart of discrete data that helps identify the most significant types of defect occurrences. It does this by showing both frequency of occurrences (bar graph) and cumulative total of occurrences (line graph) on a single chart. The type of occurrences…

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How to Create a Histogram in Minitab

What's a Histogram? Histograms are frequency charts. In Lean Six Sigma, they show the distribution of values produced by a process. In other words, a histogram is a visual display of how much variation exists in a process. Learn more about Histograms in Green Belt Training. How to Create a Histogram in Minitab Download the…

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How to Create a Box Plot in Minitab

What's a Box Plot? A Box Plot is a graphical view of a data set which involves a center box containing 50% of the data and “whiskers” which each represent 25% of the data. It divides the distribution of a data set into four portions: the lower “whisker” contains the first…

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