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What’s A Normality Test?

AKA Anderson Darling-Test For Normality

The Normality Test is a statistical test that determines whether or not a data set is normally distributed. A normal distribution is often referred to as a “Bell Curve.” Whether a distribution is normal or not determines which tests or functions can be used with a particular data set.

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How To Run A Normality Test In SigmaXL

Download the Normality Test Data Set for SigmaXL here.

1. Highlight the Raw Data:


2. Go to SigmaXL > Graphical Tools > Histogram & Descriptive Statistics:


3. Click “Next>>”:


4. Click on “Numeric Data Variables (Y)>>”

5. Click “OK>>”:


To learn more about Normality Test, register for Black Belt Training and review Measure Phase, Module 3.1.3.