Brevard County Improves Internal Processes With Lean Six Sigma

Brevard County is a local government that has been implementing Lean Six Sigma since October 2015. From the start of their journey, team members of the county have been working together to improve customer experience and operational processes to positively impact the experience of their customers—both internal and external.

Katherine Wall, Special Projects Coordinator for the County Manager’s Office, has led the charge for Lean Six Sigma projects throughout the county. While Brevard County isn’t new to process improvement initiatives, their goal has changed. They now strive to become a “self-correcting” organization with a dedicated team that is empowered with the right tools and skills needed for professional development and continuous improvement.

With over 8 projects completed and results worth boasting about, Brevard County Manager, Frank Abbate, couldn’t be happier. “It’s really this simple: Lean Six Sigma helps us trim the fat in processes that bog down the delivery of County services. It empowers employees who listen to the voice of our customers, map out our processes, identify waste, inefficiencies and duplication, and then make recommendations of solutions to those processes to benefit our customers.”

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