Bolstered by their success (doubled their goal of a 20% reduction in lead time and completed the project in under 6 months), the team continued to identify and implement further improvements—the culture of problem-solving was palpable!
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) came under considerable criticism after hurricane Katrina for its slow response. Green Belt Charles White really dug into FEMA’s processes and identified opportunities to make significant improvement with some common sense changes to material handling and loading.
With municipal budgets under increasing pressure and few elected leaders willing to risk a tax increase, local governments must still ensure their citizens enjoy the highest possible level of service.
By using Lean Six Sigma, Kern County discovered that it required an average of 1.2 hours to resolve IT Help Desk requests with multiple handoffs between teams.
The Town of Oro Valley recognizes the importance of employee training for maintaining compliance with both Town-wide and job-specific requirements. However, the current process to assign training and then track the status results in incomplete employee records and potential compliance issues with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Inside and outside of the public sector, the pressure is growing for lean process improvement and increased quality. The idea has been around for decades.

 How do you describe the value of Lean Six Sigma projects? They are more tangible than receivables so clarifying their worth helps organizations plan

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Kern County, California had a juvenile probation violation problem. The problem wasn’t the kids—it was the 29 hours it took each officer to complete a Violation of Probation Warrant. With an average of 18 cases per week the process cumulatively drained over 2,000 staff hours each month—hours they couldn’t spend helping troubled youth.
By eliminating the non-value added steps and handoffs, the process of adding a new cost center went from an average of 7 days to 4.2 days.

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