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Lean Six Sigma: Kern County Saves $19 Million & 100,000 Hours of Labor In 2015, an oil-market crash lead to a $44 million loss in general fund revenue for Kern County of Southern California. They were faced with the challenge of making up the large structural deficit while maintaining the same level of service to their citizens with a dramatically

Brevard County is a local government that has been implementing Lean Six Sigma since October 2015. From the start of their journey, team members of the county have been working together to improve customer experience and operational processes to positively impact the experience of their customers—both internal and external. Katherine Wall, Special Projects Coordinator for the County Manager’s Office, has

On June 25th, 2018, Aviat Networks, Inc. announce the appointment of Stan Gallagher as Chief Operating Office. With over 30 years of experience in various aspects of leadership and management consulting, Gallagher has helped drive the execution of process excellence activities. With a positive outlook on 2019, Aviat Networks looks for continued success. “We are very excited to have Stan

Rackspace is a company dedicated to helping public cloud infrastructure providers within the tech industry. They offer a plethora of services, including physical hardware migration and consolidation. Through Lean Six Sigma, they have successfully navigated the migration of over 48,000 physical devices for company’s struggling to consolidate their data centers in times of change. Their preparation phase is meticulous—cables and

John Sisk & Son, a construction company, strive to create the most value for their clients, shareholders, and team. They believe in the power of collaboration and the maximizing of technological benefits. With these ideals in mind, they found Lean principles to be invaluable in achieving their goal. Sisk started their Lean implementation process by defining what “value” meant for

Hayley MacDonald, Manager of Organizational Capability at CQUniversity recently spent three months working with the process improvement team at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. In her recent blog, she shared her memorable experience. “My aim was to learn as much as I could in three months and to use this knowledge to further develop the Lean program at

In February of 2017, the Racine Unified School District introduced Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training to it’s School Board members in an effort to better understand the methodology. Led by Senior Accountability and Efficiency Officer, Kamaljit Jackson, she shares that, “From our perspective, you can remove Lean Six Sigma from the title and say ‘we bring people together to

Did you know there was an entire center that exists solely to help nonprofits? Did you know they just published a catalogue of resources for nonprofits? Ohio-based C4NPR, the Center For Nonprofit Resources, has a rich history of providing access to experts on a wide variety of topics to support excellence in the nonprofit sector. In 2017 their partnership with these experts

In an effort to reduce waste and accelerate response times for form submittals, the city of Fort Worth, Texas will be deploying a Lean Six Sigma effort with “Process Director” from BP Logix. Ranging departments from HR, finance, law enforcement, fire and water are all partnering with IT in what is called Phase I of the implementation. By focusing on

On February 6, 2018, John Dugan of the Army Materiel Command was recently inducted into their Hall of Fame. He attributes the commendation not only an honor for himself, but for those who he has worked with and those that have mentored him. After retiring in 2008 as the deputy to the commander of the Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, Dugan

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