Why should I get certified in Lean Six Sigma and what will the certification do for me?

There are many people that get their certification for a few reasons:

First, the individual’s company is embarking on a Lean journey or Continuous Improvement Initiative and wants the employees to get certified. So, in this case, you would be supporting the wishes of your organization by doing so.

Second, we often see individuals that have a personal interest in learning about process improvement. Some of these individuals are students and some are individuals looking to enhance their own skills in their current career. One of the nice things about process improvement is that the investment in learning will not become obsolete. Unlike learning software programs, process improvement is about process change, and change never stops. What better skill to build then making change happen more effectively and efficiently!

Lastly, we also see individuals that are in a job transition and are looking to increase their skills. Sometimes, this is because they see that many job postings prefer Lean Six Sigma training or certification and the individual wants to strengthen their resume with the Lean Six Sigma certifications.

NOTE: Green Belt level training increasingly shows up on job postings as problem-solving grows as a desired skill set.

Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum


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