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Costco Brings You a Lean Halloween...Candy With No Tricks! -

Costco Brings You a Lean Halloween…Candy With No Tricks!

My favorite holiday, Halloween, is almost here. Are you ready for trick-or-treaters? Need candy? Well even if you aren’t ready, Costco Wholesale Industries (CWI) has been busy packaging Halloween candy in their packaging facilities for the last 3 months. Costco’s two packaging facilities serve all their locations worldwide. The San…

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Today’s Top 7 (or 8…) Quality Tools -

Today’s Top 7 (or 8…) Quality Tools

Traditionally, everyone in the process improvement world references the Seven Basic Quality Tools which were promoted by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa back in the 1950s. Dr. Ishikawa was influenced by Dr. Deming, another quality great, and these are still a very good set of quality tools. But times have changed and…

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Process Improvement Is Alive And Well In Government

There aren’t enough stories about the good things happening in government. As a matter of fact, with the current presidential election circus, people may be left feeling that government has become a joke. Well, I’m here to share some first-hand news to challenge your assumptions about government. Good work is…

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An Interview With Tracy O'Rourke on Service Chain Management and Business Development -

An Interview With Tracy O’Rourke on Service Chain Management and Business Development

Mirka Strano is a dynamic professional with extensive health insurance industry knowledge. In this interview, Mirka shares the insights of Tracy O’Rourke, Managing Partner & Executive Advisor at on Lean Six Sigma applied to International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI), Service Chain Management and Business Development. 1. IPMI (International Private Medical Insurance)…

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