When To Consider Partnering With a Lean Six Sigma Consultant or Consulting Firm

Flexible Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Timing is a critical factor in the success of a Lean Six Sigma project or program. Before you begin your search to find the best fit consultant, coach or trainer, it’s important to understand the points at which you should consider outside expertise and why. There are numerous reasons why a fresh perspective on your organization’s current situation will benefit you.

Among them are:

  • To prepare properly for an upcoming Lean Six Sigma project or organization-wide program
  • An unbiased, expert diagnosis of your current or past Lean Six Sigma projects or programs
  • To provide a clear understanding of why your previous Lean Six Sigma projects failed to produce results so you can appropriately take action in preventing the same mistakes in the future

We’ve shared some insight into how to select the best Lean Six Sigma consultant or consulting firm for you and your organization. Here, we’ll explain the best times to consider partnering with one. Our goal is to help you make the best decision by providing helpful information and connecting you easily with the best consultants, coaches and trainers available in your area.

When Preparing for a Lean Six Sigma Project or Organization-Wide Program

So your team or department has gone through Lean Six Sigma training and passed their Green Belt or Black Belt exams. Now, your team has to prepare for and complete a successful Lean Six Sigma project. You’ve got your workbook from training, all your notes and the support of your team, but are not completely comfortable beginning the project on your own.

Where do you start?

Being prepared is one thing, but having the experience and insight to properly launch a Lean Six Sigma project is another. Consultants and coaches can provide you and your team with real world experience and efficiently guide you through the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process, delivering results more quickly and economically than typically without their support.

Think about it: Each individual on your team can spends hours and hours preparing, brainstorming and discussing potential ways to utilize the concepts and tools learned during training. Those hours, days and weeks can be saved and put to better use, like actually implementing solutions and improving your processes, rather than wasted. The cost of a consultant is much less than those combined hours you and your team could potentially spend deliberating or making unnecessary mistake that could even cause delays or rework.

When You Want an Audit of Your Current or Past  Lean Six Sigma Program

Let’s say that your team has hit the ground running, launching a potentially great project and made a good amount of progress. All is going well and you are confronted with a unique problem that no one on your team was prepared for. While all of your team members went through the Green Belt or Black Belt training and passed their exams successfully, the issue that’s arisen wasn’t discussed in the material.

What are your options?

While taking risks plays an important role in any improvement project or successful business, managing that risk is the key. You could brainstorm potential actions that might lead your project to success, but why not consult with an expert who’s got years of experience facing similar issues and overcoming them using Lean Six Sigma? Their support can mean the difference between great results and mediocre, poor, no, or worse, results that cost your organization money.

When You Need to Understand Why Your Last Lean Six Sigma Project Failed

Sometimes, projects or programs fail. That’s the nature of any business. While many organizations take the easy route out and blame Lean Six Sigma as the cause of the unsuccessful effort, the truth is, it simply probably was not implemented properly.

Any successful organization has failed at some point. The key is to be resilient, learn from your mistakes and try again. Learning from your mistakes is the key to making your next attempt at Lean Six Sigma project or program a success. The simplest, most cost effective solution is to seek the help of a consultant. Why? A consultant has experienced the failures of organizations like yours in the past – overcoming a variety of problems that arise and leading teams, departments and organizations to success. Their insight and expertise can help you quickly understand what the fatal flaw(s) were in your unsuccessful effort and recommend and guide you with invaluable information that will increase the chances of your success exponentially.

Finding the most qualified, best fit consultant for you, your team and your organization doesn’t need to be difficult. Our network of consultants are conveniently located to your place of business and have the ability to deliver immediate, substantial results. Search for consultants smarter using our convenient matching service.

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