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How do other problem-solvers deal with adversity? What’s the best way to schedule improvement work? What do people want in a Continuous Improvement leader? We took a few polls so you could find out for yourself! Check out how people like you navigate the Lean Six Sigma world and what kinds of tools and techniques help the most. And please

At the Joint Base Pearl Harbor in Hickam, Hawaii, U.S. Air Force process managers conducted The Continuous Improvement Senior Leaders Course, which aimed to help improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. They spent time strategizing around the voice of the customer, eliminating non-value adding steps, and increased cultural awareness and focus on process improvement. “It’s helpful to see how CPI can

Customer complaints are considered “indirect” when they “come over the transom” meaning they are not given face to face, no one is being interviewed or participating in a focus group. If a customer registers a complaint as a personal response to a request for feedback, interview, etc. that would be direct. As an “indirect” example, a customer might receive hotel

When organizations launch process improvement programs, there is often a progression individuals work through as they brainstorm project ideas. This progression is what I observe as “project selection maturity” and it’s helpful to understand how it works. Project selection maturity naturally improves with experience. As individuals practice selecting projects, their ability to discern and pick projects with the best prospects

summary Summary Template What is a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Translation Matrix? The VOC (Voice of the Customer) Translation Matrix is a tool that helps teams take customer comments, determine the underlying issues represented by those comments and use this information to develop measurable customer requirements. The goal of this tool is to translate often vague comments into something

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