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Imagine receiving a letter announcing that your past-due account will be sent to collections after the fact—the collection agency is already trying to get a hold of you and your credit score has gone down. This was the case for many UC San Diego students.

Project Summary The Challenge: It took UC San Diego 3-5 months to assign 2,500 classes The Discovery: 4 of 15 major tasks took 75% of

UC San Diego saves over 1,000 hours of work—or the equivalent of $58,000—with GLSS Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification!

A late event approval means campus planners are given short notice, crippling their ability to stage concerts, festivals or even simple barbecues. Last year 82%

UCSD Medical Center has a little angel in process improvement! Find out how Lily Angelocci helped save $4 million dollars for UCSD, which will help this nonprofit fund more programs for students and make a difference in healthcare.

UC San Diego’s annual continuous improvement conference and competition, Process Palooza, will be held for its 3rd year on March 25, 2020. This high-energy, day-long

LOCATION California INDUSTRY Education FUNCTION Education IMPROVEMENT 72% UC San Diego is implementing Lean Six Sigma. Find out how this project team reduced waste on

UC San Diego Extension and have expanded their partnership with the launch of a new exclusive online Black Belt course offering. This new online

Yes! However, you’ll need to register for the Green Belt course through the UC San Diego website (click here to register). After paying and registering,

Everyone exhilarates at the sight of people competing in sports. Imagine instead of a ring or a track, it’s a ballroom. Instead of Mike Tyson

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