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5 Facts Executives Need To Know About Lean Six Sigma -

5 Facts Executives Need to Know About Lean Six Sigma

Business leaders may be aware of Continuous Improvement efforts, but they may not understand exactly how it could impact their organization. Most Lean Six Sigma blogs address the “What” of Lean Six Sigma, but it’s critical to discuss the “Why” behind it—leaders and executives deserve a better understanding of the…

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Webinar: 5 Ways A SIPOC Helps You Understand & Improve Your Process -

Webinar: 5 Ways a SIPOC Helps You Understand & Improve Your Process

[Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] A SIPOC is a very simple tool. It’s easy to build, easy to understand but not always used optimally. Watch this 1-hour Intermediate Webinar on this “must-use” tool to be sure that you are leveraging it to its fullest capacity by understanding all the ways that it can help you, your…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

When implementing Lean and Six Sigma, which tools should be implemented first for different sized organizations?

This is a great question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cut and dry answer. In my experience, it isn’t so much the size of the company as where and when you put continuous improvement skills into play. Of course, organizational leadership determines the desired outcomes so that’s going to drive a lot of this. Smaller companies…
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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Can you clarify what the difference is between an organizational high-level process map vs. SIPOC?

A high level process map is typically 5-10 boxes, and describes the process as you might for a CEO. A traditional SIPOC can be thought of as a “one box” process map in which we identify was goes into and comes out of the process, along with the providers (suppliers), and recipients (customers). extends…
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