By this point in 2020, the majority of people reading this will have had some amount of experience with remote work. What’s your experience? I’ve heard of teams that flourished, with happier & more productive people, who will embrace remote work moving forwards. On the flip side, I’ve heard people saying that working remotely has been problematic; projects are behind

Surely everyone knows that process improvement has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, and certainly there are generational differences in the practitioners then and now. The first post in this series, The Next Generation of Lean Six Sigma (Part 1): Then and Now, was about the generational shifts in process improvement. Part 2, Old Tools for a New World,

The other day I was invited to coach a two-and-a-half hour visioning meeting. I was super excited for the event. The group was working to create three innovative ways to serve future customers—and the meeting was planned to be totally interactive. Problem was, I was going to be five hundred miles from the meeting. I wouldn’t be able to fly

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