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How to Run a C Chart in Minitab

What's a C Chart? C Charts are Control Charts designed for tracking the count of defects for discrete data in consistently sized sub-groups. A classic example of a C Chart is to track the number of defects per application, which are all 10 pages each. Learn more about C Charts in…

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How to Run an I & MR Chart in Minitab

What's an I & MR Chart (aka X & MR or Chart)? I & MR Charts are Control Charts designed for tracking single points of continuous data. They consist of two separate charts;  “I” stands for the “Individual” Chart which tracks the individual data points (or pre-summarized data) and “MR”…

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How to Run a Chi-Square Test in Minitab

What's A Chi-Square Test? The Chi-Square Test is a hypothesis test that determines whether a statistically significant difference (aka variance) exists between two or more independent groups of discrete data, ruling out chance. It is useful for determining whether or not improvement implementations have been successful. This test is performed on…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Is Minitab necessary in an improvement project/process?

No. Minitab is not necessary for improvement projects, especially in a Lean initiative. There are many projects that do not use any form of statistical software. Minitab is a statistical software that is mostly suited for applying statistical tools in the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. For example, if someone wanted to use statistical tests such as…
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