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Belt Levels Of Lean Six Sigma -

Belt Levels of Lean Six Sigma

Process improvement can be challenging, but if the right people with the right Lean Six Sigma skills are involved, then significant and sustainable change can be achieved. Here are the belt levels in Lean Six Sigma. Which role will you play? White Belt Understands the structure and goals of Lean Six…

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Just-In-Time Cafe Podcast, Episode 4 - Jump Starting A Successful Lean Six Sigma Effort With A Single Project -

Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 4 – Jump Starting a Successful Lean Six Sigma Effort With a Single Project, Featuring Jeff Owens

We're joined this month by Black Belt Jeff Owens - his story is one that highlights the power of a single change to inspire others. We'll get some insights from Jeff and then we'll share our discovery of how security badges helped cut down hospital infections. In the news, we'll find out why the King County bus maintenance team was walking the distance from Seattle to Death Valley. We'll see how elephants and drivers are central to the great change management book, "Switch" and for our Special Request - we'll answer a question about how to get buy-in for process improvement. Whew! I'll take an Iced Mocha, please!
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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Master Black Belt

A Master Black Belt (aka a Coach) is the highest level of training for a Six Sigma practitioner. Master Black Belts not only guide improvement teams, but are responsible for identifying improvement projects. For a better understanding of the Master Black Belt and an overview of Lean Six Sigma, check out…

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