Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone + Ishikawa = Fishikawa! We know him best for this essential root cause tool, but did you know Dr. Ishikawa developed the first Kaizens, aka Rapid Improvement Events? And where would we be without his 7 Basic Quality Tools? Dr. Ishikawa wrote books, developed quality conferences, was an editor on boards of quality publications, a member of the Deming

The Cause & Effect Diagram is a popular tool and it appears in most continuous improvement projects. But in reviewing the project examples and publications, I am amazed at how many different ways this tool is utilized. No one can say there is only one correct way to use any tool, although certainly some approaches are more useful than others.

When organizations want to address an issue, they frequently bring people together to determine what actions to take. Often, part of the group’s process is to brainstorm about what causes the issue to happen in the first place. Maybe you have been in one, or several, of these situations with your firm. When faced with meetings around determining what causes

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