At AMSURG, David Mayer, a certified Kaizen facilitator led a two-day Kaizen event that consisted of AMSURG corporate, clinical and operational staff. By collaborating on opportunities for improvement in all areas of center operations, the team implemented 12 key changes through the creation of best practices and creative problem solving with visual management tools. All in all, by eliminating duplication

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, Robert Johnson and Tom Brookshire, a 10 year practitioner of Six Sigma, look to put Crossroads Kombucha on the map and aim to compete with its west coast rivals. Suffering from tendinitis, Johnson shares his story on how kombucha helped end his pain: “I couldn’t afford to buy bottles for all of us (his family).” So

Having already completed 52 project improvement projects so far this year, Governor Ricketts of Nebraska highlights his administration’s record for improving processes and focusing on delivering better customer service for the people of Nebraska. By reducing waste and utilizing automation to decrease cycle time for numerous department’s processes, Nebraska continues to pave the way as a leader in process improvement.

News: Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Plans $157M Project With Lean Six Sigma Envisioning 50 more years of supporting the community, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) embarked on a $157M project towards a new hospital using Lean Six Sigma to streamline cycle time for patients and employees alike. The project features “evidence-based” design concepts to increase patient outcome and patient satisfaction. As the

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