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Pete Ricketts, Governor of the State of Nebraska, has invested an immense amount of time and effort to help state government improve and progress. “We set goals to deliver better results for our customers. We measure improvement and progress. And we hold our team accountable for those results,” says Pete. By training almost 13,000 members of their team in Lean Six Sigma methodology, they were able to achieve amazing process improvement results. Their Developmental Disabilities Division was able to cut down their meeting preparation time from 65 hours to 10 hours, thanks to their process improvement team’s streamlining efforts. In addition, the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) has incorporated a new system that allows residents to renew their conceal carry permits online. By having the application process online, the agency saves an estimated 4,700 hours of processing time a year. Pete closes by saying, “We have successfully worked to change the mindset of state government from doing things the way they have been done for years to making government work for the people of Nebraska.”

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