How Lean Six Sigma Saved $4 Million at UCSD Medical Center

How-Lean-Six-Sigma Saved-$4-Million-at UCSD-Medical-Center

In a recent GoLeanSixSigma Success Story, UC San Diego’s very own Lily Angelocci shares how she helped save $4 million dollars that will provide more funding towards more programs for students and make a difference in healthcare. With improvement processes ranging from eliminating wasted steps in the manual verification process to identifying top root causes to improve the scanning rate, UC San Diego has had the opportunity to hire three full-time employees and have improved the clean room scanning rate from 34% to 80%.

So how do the employees feel about the process now? “They are happy. They are constantly being recognized by our leaders in the department. They have accomplished a lot. So the team is very happy because of the improvement,” Lily shares. Lily and team UC San Diego is far from finished and currently have identified their next Black Belt Project: eliminating unnecessary medication inventory at both locations, Hillcrest and La Jolla. Continuous improvement at its finest, none the less!

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