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Here’s the simple setup process for registering your team.

  1. You send us a list of the full names and emails of participants you’d like to register. If you’d like to organize them into teams, please provide team names as well. This is so that you can easily track their progress/completion in our Learning Management System.
  2. We send you an invoice for the specified number of participants. This invoice can be paid online or check. The payment address will be on the invoice.
  3. You complete the payment on the single invoice and login information is emailed to each participant.

Registering a group of learners includes the following complimentary services to help make improving easier:

We also offer consulting, coaching and facilitation services to help guide you as you progress through your Lean Six Sigma journey.

Discounts are also available with special pricing for Education, Military, Nonprofit, and Government Agencies. Learner Setup Request Spreadsheet