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*NEW* The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Your Lean Six Sigma Journey


A Printable eBook

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You’ve been asking for a book – so we wrote one!

  • Fast and fun reference guide to 35 foundational Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Clear instructions, examples and best practices
  • Draws on over 25 years of success helping organizations achieve their goals with Lean Six Sigma
  • $29 FREE! with your Green Belt or Black Belt Registration

We realize that as helpful as our online training is, sometimes you just want a compact companion guide for quick reference.

Introducing The Problem-Solvers Toolkit: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Your Lean Six Sigma Journey! It’s a fast-and-fun eBook travel kit for the process improvement traveller. We provide a basic tool set, examples, instructions, short paths around potholes and some sight-seeing options when you want to learn more.

We deliver 35 tools to get you from “bad” to “better” process performance. We cover essentials like the A3, Process Walks, SIPOCs, Check Sheets, Run Charts, 5S and Monitoring and Response Plans. Just enough to get you rolling.

This downloadable eBook is packed with colorful charts, instructive graphics and the familiar faces of the staff at the Bahama Bistro who contribute their own case study throughout.

Start your Lean Six Sigma Road Trip right now!

People Love Our Book! has done it again! After 5 years in quality improvement and 2 years of Lean Six Sigma training, I still have so much to learn. I have struggled with clearly documenting a PDCA. It was always a painful process. After reading this book and following their template, the PDCA documents seemed to flow much smoother. The graphics and examples explain simple concepts simply, all from the light-hearted angle of a road trip with friends. Reading it cover to cover can be accomplished quickly but I know I will keep coming back to reapply these tools in new ways. This book is a business staple which I use more than the stapler on my desk.

Lynne Emmons

The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit is exactly what my Green Belts need. We will always be on a process improvement journey, so how great to have a travel guide! The infographics alone are perfect teaching tools. Three cheers for Elisabeth and Tracy for providing such easy access to the building blocks of Lean Six Sigma!

Anne Colwell - Cape Cod Child Development -

I am excited to recommend this guide to students who are ready to begin their process improvement journey! Tracy O’Rourke and Elisabeth Swan have an incredible ability to translate intricate concepts into fun and relatable learning experiences. The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit allows readers to go beyond the classroom and access Lean Six Sigma concepts with engaging, smart and entertaining examples.

Angela Miller

In The Problem Solver’s Toolkit, Tracy and Elisabeth have put together an effective guide to help relative newcomers to Lean Six Sigma. It is a visual, easy-to-read book with a case study to demonstrate how Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques can be applied (a scenario that every reader can relate to).

Their decision to focus on the significant-few tools with the most impact benefits the reader by minimizing the risk of information overload. In addition to the visuals and case study, the book is filled with links to relevant blog posts, videos and templates. If you are in the early stages of your problem-solving adventure, pick up this fun, intuitive and easy to follow guide!

Mike Osterling -

Sometimes, when you’re solving a problem, you just need a tool, and to know if the tool you are choosing is the right one to get the job done! Whatever continuous improvement philosophy you follow, this book will help you select the right tool, guide you on how to use It correctly, and steer you away from pitfalls and potholes along the way! And, you’ll have fun following the folks at the Bahama Bistro as they use the tools to solve the problem they’re having with slow lunch service! Easy to read, and easy to use, this book is another great product from my friends at!

Karyn Ross -
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