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What’s A Regression Test?

The Regression Test is a hypothesis test that determines whether there is a correlation between two paired sets of continuous data. It is useful for determining if changes in Y can be attributable to a particular X. Regression produces a “prediction equation” that estimates the value of Y that can be expected for any given value of X within the range of the data set.

An example would be to test if rainfall and crop yield were correlated and then to calculate approximately how much water is required to achieve the desired yield.

Learn more about Regression Tests in Analyze Phase, Module 4.5.1 of Black Belt Training.

How To Run A Regression Test In SigmaXL

Download the Regression Test Data Set for SigmaXL here.

1. Select Raw Data:


2. Graphical Tools > Scatter Plots:


3. Click on “Next”:


4. Click on “OK”:


To learn more about Regression Tests, register for Black Belt Training and review Analyze Phase, Module 4.5.1.