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What’s Process Capability?

Process Capability is a measurement of how well a Process’ Outputs meet Customer Requirements.

Strong Process Capability indicates that a high percentage of Output meets Customer Requirements, while Weak Process Capability means the opposite. Weak Process Capability is usually due to unacceptably high variability of Output that falls outside Customer Requirements.

Learn more about Process Capability in Measure Phase, Module 3.4.1 of Black Belt Training.

How To Run A Process Capability Test (Continuous) In SigmaXL

Download the Process Capability Test (Continuous) Data Set for SigmaXL here.

1. Highlight the data set:


2. Select Process Capability > Histograms and Process Capability:


3. Click Next:


4. Click OK:


To learn more about Process Capability Test (Continuous), register for Black Belt Training and review Measure Phase, Module 3.4.1.