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What’s A MSA Continuous (AKA Gage R&R Continuous) Data Test?

MSA for Continuous Data is an experiment designed to assess various elements of continuous or variable data collection including the reliability of the “gage” being used such as a scale, a timer, an odometer etc. The tests also focus on whether or not the operators observe the measurements the same way. These tests determine the level of variation within the data collection process itself.

Learn more about MSA Continuous Data Tests in Measure Phase, Module 3.2.1 of Black Belt Training.

How To Run A MSA Continuous Data Test In SigmaXL

Download the MSA Continuous Data Test Data Set for SigmaXL here.

1. Start with creating an MSA template

2. Go to: Measurement Systems Analysis > Create a Gage R&R (Crossed) Worksheet:


3. Enter the number of parts, operators and replicates for your study. Click OK:


4. Sigma XL will create a template for you that creates the run order and provides a place to enter the data. Once data is collected in the run order, enter the data into SigmaXL. Now you can analyze the data from the study. Highlight the entire data table.

5. Go to: Statistical Tools > Measurement Systems Analysis > Analyze Gage R&R (Crossed):


6. Click “Next”:


7. Highlight the data sets on the left and click on the appropriate places to enter the data into the tabs as shown.



To learn more about MSA Continuous Data Tests, register for Black Belt Training and review Measure Phase, Module 3.2.1.