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Samantha Kaplan, Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement at Corporate College (a division of Coyahoga Community College), builds her case on why ‘every organization should promote a culture of continuous improvement‘.

“Continuous improvement is simply about the people and processes that make up a business. It’s becoming part of the culture and put in practice at every level of an organization,” Kaplan shares.

When asked what difference does such a process make for an organization, she states, “Continuous improvement affects how an organization operates. It becomes natural to make improvements, correct problems to be more efficient and effective, rather than being reactive.”

So, why is a culture of continuous improvement necessary? Kaplan says, “Ultimately, organizations can’t accept status quo. They need to improve and streamline to remain competitive.” Through Kaplan’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom, she’ll continue to shape the continuous improvement culture at Corporate College now and beyond.

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