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A process map is an important part of any Lean Six Sigma project – it helps communicate the process at the center of your project and guides you to specific areas of focus. There are a number of choices available, and choosing the right map helps to clarify your efforts. The wrong map might confuse matters or simply waste your

Politicians refer to hard dollars vs. soft dollars often and I don’t pretend to understand what they mean. For one, it has nothing to do with the hard and soft money we deal with in our improvement work. The distinction between hard and soft money can be confusing, but we’ll try to make sense of it here. What’s the Difference

The Lean Six Sigma toolset makes use of a variety of process maps. Each of these diagrams aids in understanding the flow and making it clear how the process works. Although detailed mapping is key to good process improvement, I would venture that properly constructing a high-level map first, can be even more instrumental. Meet the SIPOC Most models include

When organizations launch process improvement programs, there is often a progression individuals work through as they brainstorm project ideas. This progression is what I observe as “project selection maturity” and it’s helpful to understand how it works. Project selection maturity naturally improves with experience. As individuals practice selecting projects, their ability to discern and pick projects with the best prospects

Workplace refrigerators around the world are a necessary evil. Employees need facilities for their meals, but no one seems to clean up after themselves when they’re done and no is one assigned to maintain the shared space so it’s no surprise they’re such a universal source of irritation. Here’s how to apply 5S to the frightening fridge at work, the

Facts and data are the hallmark of good problem solving – but all too often we don’t have enough data or the right kind of data to make good decisions. In Lean Six Sigma we frequently call upon statistical methods, where we know that having an adequate sample size is important. Simplifying Statistical Jargon Statistics come with their own rules,

When applied properly, Lean Six Sigma can help anyone solve problems and improve processes. It’s used by organizations large and and small in every industry. Here are our 10 most popular Lean Six Sigma presentations for beginners. For more simple, easy to understand, high quality presentations, please visit us on Slideshare. DMAIC – The 5 Phases of Lean Six Sigma The Basics

It’s important to know what kind of Lean Six Sigma project you’re considering. These are 5 classic project types to help you decide. If you’re looking to conduct a Green Belt or a Black Belt project, then you should be working on a Process Improvement Project. Quick Win Implementation of a simple solution to a known issue The problem is contained in one department,

Medicine cabinets are often forgotten. Unless you’re coughing, sneezing, rubbing your eyes, or blowing your nose, the need for medicine cabinet goods doesn’t come to mind. The medicine cabinet should be cleaned out often as drugs expire or they might fall into the wrong hands. Responsible storage and disposal of medicine and ointments is essential to a safe home. Here’s

Every year, Spring comes around and suddenly Facebook feeds are full of “We spring-cleaned the house and now we’re ready for Summer!” So, is a mess what’s going on during the Fall and Winter? Why wait to have an annual cleaning when you can practice simple cleaning and decluttering tricks that remove unneeded and unwanted Waste throughout the year? Freshen

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