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5 Ways Taking Tests Can Make You Smarter

By Elisabeth Swan   |   February 12, 2015
Diploma Day - Diversity -

In his latest book, “How We Learn”, author Benedict Carey makes the case that the dreaded “Test” is actually one of the best methods of learning available. The process of preparing for the test, as well as taking the actual test, can improve your retention of all the tools and concepts you studied. If you’re trying to become a Green Belt or master some other body of knowledge, this is great news. The way we… (Read More)

Easy Ways To Apply 5S

By Jurija Metovic   |   February 1, 2015

Ready to start improving processes and make a positive, measurable improvement in your workplace? Here is a list of successful, summarized examples to apply 5S. Lean Six Sigma 5S Applications How To Apply 5S: Dishpit Hell

How To Apply 5S: Dishpit Hell

By Jurija Metovic   |   January 29, 2015
How To Apply 5S - Dishpit Hell -

Before 5S: Dish Room at a busy restaurant. The wait help and bussers throw their dirty dishes in the Dishpit mixing food with glass and china everywhere leading to broken glass. There is no organization which creates a hazardous environment. Sort We sort through the dishes and cups by throwing away trash and broken shards of glass and china. We throw the compostable trash in one receptacle, and the non compostable in another. We also… (Read More)

Lean Six Sigma Without Using "Lean" And "Six Sigma"

By Carol Knight-Wallace   |   January 28, 2015
Lean Six Sigma Without Using 'Lean' And 'Six-Sigma' -

You Can Make Changes, Even If Management Won’t. “But my [fill in the blank with “manager”, “leadership”, “management”, etc] doesn’t support it.” This and similarly themed statements are common after performance excellence related training, such as Lean, Six Sigma, process improvement, Baldrige, etc. The trouble is that much of the skills taught in these sessions are common sense and verified management best practices. Most of us in office jobs have a fair amount of flexibility… (Read More)

Wine & Waste: A Primer On Value

By Carol Knight-Wallace   |   December 22, 2014

Wine and Waste: Two terms that are not typically “paired” in our house. Wine is rarely wasted in the consumption process (unless you consider unneeded calories, but let’s not go there). However, what about during the buying and tasting process? There must be some waste there. Or, so I assumed as I was looking for a fun example of Value Added Analysis for my Lean courses. Before we “nose” into the wine tasting value map, let’s first… (Read More)

10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home Using Lean Six Sigma

By Jurija Metovic   |   December 13, 2014

Lean Six Sigma isn’t just beneficial at work or for businesses, it makes life easier and more enjoyable at home, too! Here are a few great ways to use Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools at home every day. Have your own ideas? Submit them in the comments below for a chance to win your FREE Green Belt Training & Certification, A winner will be selected every month. Win yours this February! 1. Our knife drawer… (Read More)

10 Popular Lean Six Sigma Templates

By Elisabeth Swan   |   October 8, 2014

Here are 10 of the most popular Lean Six Sigma Templates which you, our learners, and our team of Master Black Belts also find the most valuable. You can download all of these useful templates on each of their respective pages below. We hope you find them as useful as we do! Please note that these templates are listed in no particular order. Project Charter: The Project Charter is an official, basic document that outlines a… (Read More)

4 Best Practices To Help Ensure Your Process Walk Is Successful

By Tracy O'Rourke   |   September 8, 2014

What’s a Process Walk? A Process Walk, also known as a Gemba Walk, consists of a team of people walking a Value Stream together. The Japanese word “Gemba” translates to, “go to the real place.” This means go to where the work is being performed, even if that work is performed in cubicles. Process Walkers follow the path of the “thing” moving through the process. This “thing” is the unit moving through the process. Typical… (Read More)

10 Essential Tips for Successful Process Mapping

By Elisabeth Swan   |   September 1, 2014

When starting any process improvement effort, whether it’s a Quick Win, a Kaizen or a larger Green Belt Project, building the “As Is” Process Map is an essential first step. Teams often find immediate and actionable opportunities for improvement simply by uncovering “the way we do things now.” The following are some simple but powerful techniques to make your mapping efforts count. Don’t map for mapping’s sake. The goal of process mapping is to learn… (Read More)

Why Lean Six Sigma Certification Ensures You Retain What You Learn

By Elisabeth Swan   |   July 27, 2014

It turns out that for Yellow Belts and Green Belts, taking the Certification Exam is key to understanding the material. A recent New York Times article, “How Tests Make Us Smarter” raised an essential point related to Yellow and Green Belt Certification. Taking these tests improves learning and retention, “Used properly, testing as part of an educational routine provides an important tool not just to measure learning, but to promote it.” “Used properly, testing as… (Read More)

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