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Hertz Doesn’t Hurt: Why Your Customer Experience Matters

By Tracy O'Rourke   |   November 25, 2015  |   Application Tips, Featured, Using Lean Six Sigma
Hertz Doesn’t Hurt Why Your Customer Experience Matters -

Sometimes being a process improvement expert is a curse, especially when you’re the customer receiving bad service from an organization. In the midst of experiencing the bad service, do you ever start to analyze why the process is so poorly designed? I want to share a story from my own experience that contrasts two process designs delivering the same product. The process is: rental car pickup. One of these processes has Non-Value Added (NVA) steps…. (Read More)

Getting Your Customers To Rock n’ Roll Over Your Products & Services

By Elisabeth Swan   |   November 12, 2015  |   Application Tips, Featured, Using Lean Six Sigma
Getting Your Customers To Rock n' Roll Over Your Products & Services -

Process improvement is a bit like detective work. You have the DMAIC method, but you also need to follow the clues. These are 3 cautionary tales about what can happen if you don’t clarify your customers’ true needs before trying to deliver on their requirements. We’ll let you in on the 2 simple tools to make sure you follow the right trail. When Dad Is Your Customer I was talking to my friend Rob, a… (Read More)

Lean vs. Agile: What’s The Difference?

Lean vs Agile - Differences -

Editor’s Note: Author’s blogs are their own and may not always reflect the views of As a Certified Scrum Master, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and PMI-certified Project Manager, I’ve read many articles on Agile vs. Lean, and they tend to focus on an implementation of Agile and of Lean. To take a fundamentally different approach to this norm, this blog will  focus on the essential nature of Agile and Lean. I’ve summarized my… (Read More)

Lean Six Sigma Posters

Lean Six Sigma Posters -

At, we have a collection of Lean Six Sigma posters available for purchase. Our posters showcase our exclusive, widely popular infographics which clearly and colorfully explain DMAIC, 5S and The 8 Wastes. Now you can provide friendly, visual reminders of Lean Six Sigma process improvement at work and at home! Lean Six Sigma Posters 5S Poster 5S is a workplace organization technique composed of five primary phases: Sort Set In Order Shine Standardize Sustain… (Read More)

Lean Leaders: How Pulse Point Maps Help You Manage Processes

Lean Leaders: How Pulse Point Maps Help You Manage Processes -

Leader Standard Work is a set of actions, tools and behaviors incorporated into the daily work of leaders to create a Lean Management System. One of the first priorities is to make your work environment more visible, so a great tool to start with is a Pulse Point Map. What Is A Pulse Point Map? A Pulse Point Map is a tool to make a process more visible. The map identifies the key checkpoints (or pulse… (Read More)

City of SeaTac: Improving The Right-Of-Way Permit Process From 21 Days To 5 Days

By Tracy O'Rourke   |   May 26, 2015  |   Application Tips, Using Lean Six Sigma
City of SeaTac - Improving The Right-Of-Way Permit Process From 21 Days To 5 Days -

Check out how the City of SeaTac improved their Right-of -Way Permit Process by completing a Process Walk and Rapid Improvement (Kaizen) Event. What Is a Rapid Improvement Event? A Rapid Improvement Event (also known as a Kaizen Event) involves key process participants focusing on solving a narrowly scoped process improvement opportunity. A Rapid Improvement Event usually takes about 1 to 5 days to complete.  Rapid Improvement Events enable teams to Work ON the process versus just working… (Read More)

Rapid Improvement Event Example: New Business Licensing For The City of SeaTac

Rapid Improvement Event Example:  New Business Licensing For The City of SeaTac -

The City of SeaTac is blazing a trail for all cities in the U.S.A with their Align and Improve initiative. This city-wide initiative is focused on creating better strategic alignment throughout the City of SeaTac and launching process improvement efforts in city processes. With facilitation help from Tracy O’Rourke, the team completed a Process Walk and a Rapid Improvement Event on the Business License Process. Thanks to the efforts of a wonderful team, the City… (Read More)

Listen Now – Socrates & Lean Six Sigma: The Art of Driving Retention and Fun

The Art Of Driving Retnetion and Fun -

In this audio presentation, Elisabeth Swan and Tracy O’Rourke (both VPs of Content Development at focus on fun, new ways to engage your team and organization in learning and applying Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools. Click here for full event coverage of The 2015 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference in Arizona. The following is a transcript of this audio presentation: Introduction to Socrates First of all, a little nod to Socrates. A… (Read More)

How To Build a Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work

By Tracy O'Rourke   |   April 16, 2015  |   Application Tips, Featured, Using Lean Six Sigma
How To Build A Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work -

So your organization is embarking on a Lean Journey. Congratulations! The Lean journey can be transformational and exciting for an organization. It can also be daunting and frustrating too. How do leaders figure out how to transform the people, the processes and the performance of an organization? Hopefully, leaders consider how they should change too, by asking, “What should I do to be a better Lean Leader?” The good news is there are tried and true practices… (Read More)

UPDATED: 50 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Green Belt

Things-To-Know-About-Green-Belt-Training -

Are you deciding whether or not to get your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt? How about which training and certification provider to select? Here’s a list of important things you should know before making the investment in time, money and your future.’s Green Belt Training enables you to begin applying Lean Six Sigma even before you complete it and become Certified. You don’t need a Green Belt project to apply Green Belt tools and… (Read More)

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