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When thinking about mining, most people think about gold. Miners dig and dig to reach that rich vein or strain through endless pans of water

Whether you’re just starting your Lean Six Sigma journey, or you’re in the middle of improving a process, guidance from Experts can help make your

Having worked in Continuous Improvement for over 30 years, I have seen “Improve Customer Satisfaction” proposed as a project goal on numerous occasions and there

Companies are well versed on the benefits of Lean Six Sigma — a common-sense approach to fixing problems. Thousands of organizations use it to define

“Magic arises from the illimitable mysteries of cause and effect; to witness the effect is to surmise the cause.” – Teller (Penn & Teller) There

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the components of a successful Lean Six Sigma training deployment. You’ll get the strategy, timeline and tools you

I find that in business and personal life problem solving techniques are a great asset. introduced me to the DMAIC approach to problem solving

Do you enjoy doing dishes? Most people don’t, so it’s pretty easy for dishes to pile up and become a Dishpit Hell. The good news is

Your desk can reflect your mind. A cluttered, unorganized desk often leads to scattered thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, lowered productivity. Here’s how to apply

Paul Simon wrote a song in 1975 called “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” but, when dealing with process improvement, there are really only “5 Ways

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