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The target, within Continuous Improvement, refers to the desired value of the process characteristic being measured---"2-Day Lead Time" or "2% Defect rate". Once the baseline or "as is" process measure has been established, the goal is to reduce the gap between the basline and the target---"Reduce Lead Time from 5…

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Best Practice Sharing (aka Yokoten)

Best Practice Sharing refers to spreading news of improvement ideas throughout an organization. Another term is to share "Transfer Opportunities" although the idea is to include the sharing of failures as well. It's not enough to improve a process. It's important to let others know what you've learned so that…

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Production Leveling (aka Heijunka)

Production Leveling refers to the smoothing of manufacturing production in the face of fluctuating demand. The method was developed as part of the Toyota Production System as a way to react to demand changes without overburdening production. Instead of over-producing products in batches, the method responds directly to consumer demand.…

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Process Management

Process management is an approach to better understand, measure and govern processes across an organization. Process Management is the antidote to the natural development of organizations to form siloed departments and separate business units. This approach enables a unified view of the end-to-end business which paves the way for targeted…

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Webinar: Introduction to Process Management -

Webinar: Introduction to Process Management

 Improving processes is a just a piece of Process Management. Process Management is strategic work to help organizations identify value streams and core processes, align them to strategic goals and objectives, and measure what customers care about and prioritize improvement work to make the organization better. This 1-hour Introductory…

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Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram -

Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram (ENCORE!)

 The first live presentation of this webinar was so popular that we're doing an encore presentation! The Fishbone (aka Cause & Effect or Ishikawa) Diagram is a seemingly simple method of conducting structured brainstorming around the root cause of a process problem. So why is it so hard to…

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I’m not receiving your emails. What should I do?

Not to worry! Our email may just be stuck in your spam/junk or promotions folder (if you're using Gmail). Please check there and when you see our email, simply drag any of our emails from your spam/junk or promotions folder into your primary inbox and your email filtering preferences will…

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