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Opportunity Pipeline

  What is the Opportunity Pipeline? The Opportunity Pipeline captures potential improvement efforts whether they are simple Quick Wins, stand-alone 5S efforts or full-fledged DMAIC projects. The pipeline provides a way to capture, categorize and assign accountability for improvement opportunities. The template captures a running list of opportunities along with…

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Webinar: The Joy Of Tidying Up With Lean Six Sigma -

Webinar: The Joy of Tidying Up With Lean Six Sigma

This webinar highlights the tools and approaches used in the popular new show, "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo." In order to help people improve their living spaces, the program showcases 5S and other Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts. We'll discuss how these tools are part of home-improvement and workplace…

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I’m already registered for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt Training & Certification course. Can I register through San Diego State University (SDSU) instead?

Yes! However, you’ll need to register for the Yellow/Green/Black Belt course through the SDSU website (click here to register). After paying and registering, you’ll be fully refunded of the cost that you originally paid to You’ll then be reassigned to the SDSU specific course and your course progress will…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Process Owner

The Process Owner is the person in charge of the improved Lean Six Sigma process. They are the people responsible for maintaining the process once it has been streamlined by a continuous improvement team. Their participation is essential to ensuring the ongoing monitoring and success of the process. For a…

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Monitoring Plan Map -

Monitoring Plan Map

  What is a Monitoring Plan Map? The Monitoring Plan Map includes a high-level Swimlane Map of the improved process. This map highlights the steps in the process that require ongoing tracking in the Control Phase. There should be a mix of Input, Process and Output Measures that are reflecting…

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Webinar: How Leaders Support And Build A Culture Of Process Improvement -

Webinar: How Leaders Support and Build a Culture of Process Improvement

[Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] Tools are important for problem-solvers, but what about leaders? What do they have in their toolkit to help build problem solvers? In this webinar, we’ll discuss actions, mindsets and tools leaders have to support and build…

Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar

Go-Getter Membership -

To access this webinar, you must purchase the Go-Getter Membership.

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