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Grand Daddy of Quality - Bill Smith -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Bill Smith

Who put the “Six” in Six Sigma? Who’s the man behind the first Malcolm Baldrige Award and how did he get so good at betting on race horses? Mr. Smith is credited with coining the term “Six Sigma” and developing the signature process improvement method while serving as Vice President…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Eliyahu Goldratt -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Eliyahu Goldratt

He was a cigar-chomping, salty-tongued educator who wrote a manufacturing love story. Eli Goldratt left us way too soon but will always be appreciated as the man who constantly provoked people to truly think. Born in Israel, Mr. Goldratt was a physicist, a scientist, a doctor of philosophy and finally…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Walter Shewhart -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Walter Shewhart

Dr. Deming was amazing, but who was his teacher? Who produced the PDCA Cycle? Who conceived of Statistical Process Control? The modest man behind the scenes, another fascinating product of the Hawthorne Works, was none other than Walter Shewhart. Born in Illinois, Mr. Shewhart was a physicist, engineer and a…

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Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma -

Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma

Pulling together a Process Improvement team can be a challenge, but if you connect with the right people then the odds of success go up—a lot. Do you have a Sponsor to back you? Which Subject Matter Experts do you think you'll need? What about a Finance Partner to verify…

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