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When thinking about mining, most people think about gold. Miners dig and dig to reach that rich vein or strain through endless pans of water

It’s one of the easiest tools to use yet one of the often most underutilized ones in the Lean Six Sigma tool belt. It’s the

Lean Six Sigma Success Story: In today’s digital age, the old adage of “knowledge is power” could be replaced by “database is dollars.” So much

Lean Six Sigma Success Story: It’s not uncommon for high-tech firms to have a lock on the technologies that enable them to accelerate the velocity

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Ernie Arboles

Ernie Arboles

Ernie Arboles is a Senior Consultant at with nearly 30 years of experience launching and sustaining successful continuous improvement programs inside Fortune 500 companies. He’s an experienced project manager, trainer, coach, and facilitator, able to earn trusted-advisor status with senior leaders and on to smallest but mightiest project teams in any organization.


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