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Darion Mabe

As our Operations Assistant, Darion supports's day-to-day operations, enabling our Team to deliver exceptional service to our clients and learners.
Wrapping-Up-Lean-Tools-With-Intertape-Polymer-Group -

Wrapping Up Lean Tools With Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group, manufacturer of carton sealing tape and stretch film, is a company with no room for error. In an effort to streamline its processes, Intertape began implementing lean principles into it's organization. By eliminating downtime and incorporating tools such as visual management, cross-training and 5S, Intertape was able…

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Lean Farming Techniques Help Farmers Expand Efficiently -

Lean Farming Techniques Help Farmers Expand Efficiently

For the past 27 years, Red Fire Farm owner Ryan Voiland has tried everything to keep his 200 acre farm alive and well. When large cooperate growers began to put pressure on produce prices, Voiland turned to lean farming to help keep his business afloat. While implementing lean principles, Voiland…

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How to Apply 5S: Home Office Desk -

How to Apply 5S: Home Office Desk

Your desk can reflect your mind. A cluttered, unorganized desk often leads to scattered thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, lowered productivity. Here’s how to apply 5S to your home office desk, the next post in our How to Apply 5S series. Here's a photo of my desk before applying 5S.…

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