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Delivering measurable improvement results is key to your success, and completing a project is required for your course. The following Cengage courses require a project to be completed: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Green Belt + Black Belt Bundle (Green Belt project
The top seven finalists competing for the 2018 Innovations in American Government Award presented to Ash Center's National Selection Committee on September 27th, 2018. "These practitioners from state, local, and federal government agencies from across the country represent the most innovative programs tackling issues of social and economic inequality and
While looking to change the market focus for its products, L.B. Foster Threaded Products determined that a new manufacturing plant was needed. This new and improved lean-influenced facility allowed the company to eliminate waste while improving productivity and creating a safer work environment. This led to a 76% reduction in
A team of Millikin University MBA students collaborated with Caterpillar Inc. in an effort to learn about process improvement. After 18 weeks of classwork, the team got together with Caterpillar senior staff to take a deeper look at the company processes. Using Six Sigma, the team broke down and analyzed
Maj. Kathleen Pearson Fabrizi is the Pennsylvania National Guard director of continuous improvement. She noted that members of the 193rd special Operations Wing, Harrisburg Air National Guard Base, Pennsylvania, implemented Lean Six Sigma practices in an effort to create more time for training during their regularly scheduled drill. Obtaining this
At UTC Aerostructures, a manufacturer of nacelle components for jet engines, everyone has a one-track mind towards continuous improvement. Every employee uses very detailed standard work to eliminate waste and speed up cycle time. Takt time clocks are utilized throughout the facility, breaking down an 8-hour workday (or 25,200 seconds)
A group of junior enlisted Sailors and senior officers working on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington attended Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training to learn ways they can improve naval practices. "The Navy decided to use [Lean Six Sigma] training to improve workflow due to changes that have occurred