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HR + Lean: A Powerful Pair for People Development -

HR + Lean: A Powerful Pair for People Development

I recently spoke at Lean Frontier’s Lean Leadership Week Summit, which focused on lean people development and lean accounting. This summit traditionally attracts a lot of HR professionals working in organizations undergoing a lean journey. During a concurrent session, I shared some of the ways that I’ve exercised with clients…

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Lean Lessons From the Fathers of Flight

When it came to building the first airplane, the Wright brothers took a Lean approach. By rethinking the process, transforming data into actionable knowledge, and breaking down the problem, they not only developed modern air travel, they also taught us how to make product development more efficient. Read more at…

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How Catchball Builds More Engaged Teams in Government

How do we get our employees excited about our organization’s Mission, Vision and Values? I’ve heard this concern from organizational leaders before and I wanted to share an example of a government organization successfully using a powerful but simple approach. The Usual Way A typical method of building an organization’s…

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How to Build a Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work -

How to Build a Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work

So your organization is embarking on a Lean Journey. Congratulations! The Lean journey can be transformational and exciting for an organization. It can also be daunting and frustrating too. How do leaders figure out how to transform the people, the processes and the performance of an organization? Hopefully, leaders consider…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

What’s so great about Lean?

Lean is a process improvement model that has been around in some form for a long, long time. Some tie it’s start to the development of Toyota’s Production System that led to Toyota’s meteoric rise in the automotive word. Others say that Henry Ford started Lean with his automated assembly…

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