Lean Six Sigma: Kern County Saves $19 Million & 100,000 Hours of Labor In 2015, an oil-market crash lead to a $44 million loss in

Government is challenged every day to get more done with less resources. In the public sector, change is often harder than in the private sector.

King County continues to streamline processes and make things simpler and easier! Watch this 30 minute success story to learn how they reduced unnecessary steps

See how Jim Shoemaker is helping make it easier for King County landlords to register as suppliers to veterans.

LOCATION Washington INDUSTRY Government FUNCTION Operations IMPROVEMENT 30% King County Wastewater Treatment Division successfully improves the Capital Design process. Roger talks about the successful project

Think it’s impossible to make a significant change in government? Well, it’s not easy, but GLSS Black Belt Pamela Kuehling made a real difference from the inside. She overturned countless “honest wrong beliefs” with facts and data by modeling the Lean Six Sigma approach in her work and won over the doubters.
Facing a high turn-over rate, lack of technological assistance, and low applicant alignment to position needs, the team turned to Lean Six Sigma to improve the Illinois Tollway’s hiring process.

Ana Schoenecker has worked for the King County Treasury for 14 years. She is the current Real Property Administrator for the Property Tax Office and

Find out how Abigail Calderon and Jennifer Storm from LA County streamlined IT tickets by eliminating unnecessary signatures and process steps by checking out our

King County successfully creates internal partnerships to streamline procurement processes between agencies. Continuous Improvement Manager Kara Cuzzetto talks about a successful project and how Wastewater

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