Lean Six Sigma News Roundup For Week Of July 21, 2014

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma news from around the web for the week of July 21, 2014.

In India, A Home-Cooked Lunch Stands The Test Of Time

In Mumbai, traditional dabbawalas still hand-deliver 200,000 hot meals each day from home to offices and schools. The dabbawalas worked through severe floods in 2005 and terrorist attacks in 2008. Today, they weave through nearly 20 million people in India’s commercial capital. Despite all that could go wrong, these men pedal through city on their bikes in white kurtas and hold a six sigma level of efficiency.

Embracing A More Efficient Process For Measurable Profit

Mike Martinez, chief marketing officer of DMEautomotive, shares how most car dealerships think: “they think “more.”” However, by thinking more, they are not getting more. First, they must become more efficient with what they have and they must streamline selling a vehicle to increase efficiency. Mike suggests Lean focuses for good change and Six Sigma as a testing tool towards optimization. Mike shares how his own Operations team took on Lean Six Sigma in August 2013 to laugh apps faster and with higher quality by trusting the facts of Lean and Six Sigma.

Statistics Is More Than A Numbers Game – It Underpins All Sciences

Statistics happen all around us in everyday life. Statistics is ways to collect, summarize, visualize, and present inferences from data.  It also pervades every field of human endeavors according to Terry Speed. One can also see that developments such as Six Sigma contribute “to the near-universal awareness of the value of statistics” and it is understood that methods from manufacturing industries are also effective in the service industry.

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