Lean and Six Sigma Event Calendar

Attending a great process improvement conference can change your life. But sometimes you’re so busy you missed hearing about the iconic keynote speaker – and they were just 20 minutes away!

Don’t you hate learning about these events after the fact? Sometimes you can arrange to download videos, but it’s not the same. Well now you can plan ahead. Process Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence – it’s all here at a glance.

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Featured Events

Palooza Tuesdays: May 12 – June 9, Weekly Webinar Series

Get set for Palooza Tuesday! Check it out each Tuesday starting May 12 for Zoom-based sessions on topics related to continuous improvement. Our lives and institutions have been upended by COVID-19. This series is designed to provide support, lessons, actionable takeaways and inspiration as we all have to rethink our operations and how we do business. By attending, you’ll:

  • Learn how continuous improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) are transforming higher education and industry
  • Hear about real results achieved by leveraging CI and LSS
  • Leave with actionable strategies to apply in your role

Check back regularly as we add more events. Have a recommendation? Let us know!

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