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You can now register at one of the world’s leading educational institutions, San Diego State University, to complete your Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean.

Receive a Letter of Completion from SDSU upon certification

I love the consistent use of Bahama Bistro to illustrate the points of the training. It makes the concepts easier to grasp when there are “real” examples.

Great real-world examples help develop the concepts. Also, the ability to pause and review specific areas over again were key to improving my problem-solving skills.

I liked that the course was easy to launch and navigate. I LOVED the online support I received during the process as well. I had to contact customer support 3 times and each time I had a response within a few minutes.

As a working professional, I liked that the self-paced nature of the training allowed me to accomplish the training at my convenience.

It offered a lot of practical ideas, and it was easy to follow and easy to use.

I liked that it was concise and to the point. It used real life examples that were often tied to things I do on a daily basis.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a popular approach that many organizations use to help build problem-solving skills among employees. Learn more about Lean Six Sigma.

The Best of Both Worlds is both excited and honored to collaborate with SDSU to offer its globally-recognized courses because its approach to learning is leadership inspired, diverse and provides transformational experiences. In addition, because all of the courses are 100% online, SDSU’s student base will expand across the globe.

With an enrollment of more than 30,000 students, SDSU’s mission since its inception 1897 is to “provide well-balanced, high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to knowledge and the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service.”

The university is home to top-ranked graduate programs in business, engineering, public health, fine arts, education and more.

The direct connection between and SDSU will allow students to enroll in exclusively online certificate programs in:

Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Is Ideal For…

  • Students and career professionals looking to strengthen their problem-solving skills and improve their ability to perform root cause analysis
  • All organizational levels planning or implementing a Lean Six Sigma initiative, including directors, managers, supervisors, leads, and front line staff
  • Career professionals including but not limited to health care, finance, insurance, food and beverage, electronics, construction, product manufacturing, call centers, gas/utility, service, and administrative functions
  • Personnel from operations, human resources, information technology, production, quality, supply chain management, inventory control, customer service, and accounting
  • Government and military employees and contractors
  • All industries and functions including both service and manufacturing

At, a key part of its mission is to ensure a brighter future for all – this includes empowering youth with the ability to think critically, giving them the skills to make good change happen, and to create a world of problem-solvers.

To register for any of these courses, please visit:



  • SDSU: Jonathan Rhodes, Program Manager,
  • James MacCallum, Directo of Operations,